There is a need to stress upon the distress formula,Decision wil be taken after the discussion with team of experts:Chief Minister Siddaramaiah assures to the protestors

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

We welcome the protest in the interest of the state”

We feel that Cauvery water should not be released to Tamilnadu.Chief Minister Siddaramaiah told to the delegation of farmers,dalits,labourers and Kannada activists that a decision will be taken after the meeting with the expert team this evening.

He was reacting in a significant meeting held today with a delegation of activists led by Kuruburu Shanthakumar,State President of State Sugarcane Growers and Mukhyamantri Chandru regarding the Cauvery dispute at Home Office Krishna today.

Two committees will review the situation and issue orders regarding Cauvery water distribution.The order was to release water from Biligundlu.

Under normal circumstances,there is a mandate to release 177.25 tmc water in a year.Our state needs 284.85 TMC of water.No distress formula has been formulated in the Supreme Court.The CM explained that the tribunal itself has decided to have 2 committees.

We have been protesting every time a meeting was called.

This year there was a problem due to no rain in the month of August.Even this month there is hardly any rain.Tamilnadu will receive rains in the month of September.So far 43 TMC of water has gone.It has been ordered that 123 TMC of water should be released.

But we have not left the water.We have been protesting every time the Cauvery Authority called a meeting.We said that there is no water.We had filed an application before the Supreme Court.

We need 70 TMC water for irrigation to sustain the crop.30 tmc is required for drinking water.And industries require 3 TMC of water.The state has a total requirement of 106 TMC.But we have only 50 TMC of water.Our first priority is drinking water, he explained.

*Meeting today evening:

A meeting with retired Supreme Court justices, irrigation experts and former advocate generals has been called this evening to discuss the next steps.

We think that water should not be released.The CM explained the situation that if the water is not released, the reservoirs can be seized by the central government, contempt of court will be committed and the government can be dismissed.

Speaking in the meeting,Kuruburu Shanthakumar said that the people of Karnataka are being worried by orders.He insisted that the government should take a decision in favor of the farmers.

It was also requested to withdraw cases against those of the organizations who fight for the people.He demanded that the Mekedatu project should be given quick consideration.

Mukhyamantri Chandru said that public voluntarily took part in the strike.The authority’s judgment is unscientific.It should be clear as to where is the failure .

Our claim should be done as vigorously as Tamilnadu. It is wrong to suggest to release water even if there is no solution to the problem.He said to list out the consequences of violation of the order.Drinking water should be given priority.

Tamilnadu is asking for water for crops.he also appealed to call the House immediately and take appropriate decision in this regard.

The Chief Minister said that decision will he taken after discussing about all the demands in the meeting with the team of experts in the evening.

Leaders of farmers,dalit,labour and Kannada organizations were present in the delegation.