Kannada is not implemented in the administration due to negligence:It is necessary to create an environment and necessity for Kannada speaking in Karnataka: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

C hief Minister Siddaramaiah said that there is a need to create an environment where Kannada is spoken in Karnataka and Kannada is indispensable.

He was speaking today after launching the logo of Karnataka Sambhrama- 50 organized by the Department of Kannada and Culture at the banquet hall, Vidhana Soudha on the occasion of 50th year of renaming Mysuru State as Karnataka.

We are all Kannadigas, people speaking different languages have settled in Kannada land,since the unification of Karnataka.

Everyone living in Karnataka should also learn to speak Kannada. In the states of Tamilnadu,Kerala,Telangana and Uttar Pradesh,it is impossible to exist by speaking just Kannada and without learning the local language.

But you can live in Karnataka even if you don’t speak Kannada.That is the difference between our state and other neighbouring states, he said.

Kannadigas’ generosity

Even after 68 years of Karnataka’s unification, it is not appropriate that Kannada atmosphere could not be created in the state.Instead of Kannadigas teaching our language to others,we are learning their language first, he said.

This attitude of Kannadigas is not good from the point of view of language development and development of the state,

language and culture.In some parts of the state, the diaspora does not speak Kannada at all.Kannadigas are not without self respect.

But this is happening because of their generosity.The CM said that we should love other languages and religions but we should not forget our own language.

Negligence reason for non-implementation of Kannada in administration

The craze for English has also increased amongst us. Many of my ministers and especially officers write notes in English only in the files.

English can be used while writing to the central government and other states,but otherwise it should be done in Kannada.

Although Kannada has been the official language for many years,negligence may have been the main reason behind non implementation of Kannada in administration, the CM noted.

The CM said that Kannada is administrative language since many years and it is not being followed due to negligence.

This situation should be improved. In 1983, I worked as the President of Kannada Bhasha Kavalu Samiti.

‘Karnataka Sambrama’ is celebrated for one year from November 1,2023 and this will help in creating awareness of Kannada language among the people, he said.

Renamed as Karnataka

Karnataka was unified on 1 November 1956.Before the unification of Karnataka,many parts belonged to other states.

After the declaration of reorganization of states on the basis of regional languages ,many people fought for the unification of Karnataka under the leadership of Aluru Venkataraya.

Although Rajyotsava was traditionally celebrated, the State was known as Mysore State.It got its name because it was ruled by the royal family of Mysore.

After the reorganization, many regions from Mumbai Karnataka, Andhra,Tamil Nadu states merged to become Karnataka.

It was renamed as Karnataka on November 01,1973 when Devaraja Urs became the Chief Minister.The unified State was renamed as Karnataka.

The name was mentioned in Aluru Venkataraya’s book called Karnataka Gatavaibhava, the CM said.

The previous government should have celebrated :

Renaming Karnataka completes its 50th year on November 01, 2023.Actually it should have been celebrated last year itself.But the previous government did not celebrate.

As it was a important event in the history of Karnataka, it was decided to include and celebrate the event. Hence announcement was made in the budget to celebrate Karnataka Sambhrama from 1st November 2023 to 1st November 2024, the CM explained.

Appreciation for logo design :

The Chief Minister congratulated Raviraj.G.Hulaguru who designed the logo and appreciated the design of the logo.Kannada is not implemented in the administration due to negligence

It is necessary to create an environment and necessity for Kannada speaking in Karnataka:Chief Minister Siddaramaiah