Israel – Hamas: Daring operation by Israeli army to free hostages.. Video goes viral

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

The Israel Defense Forces shared a video on social media of the rescue operation carried out by the Israeli army to free hostages held by Hamas militants.


Tel Aviv: The Israeli army is cracking down on Gaza after the attack by Hamas militants. It has already announced that more than 1,500 militants have been killed. Hamas has been targeting bases by cutting off water, electricity and fuel supplies to Gaza. In this background, the Israeli Front Force (IFF) has shared a video showing how Israeli soldiers are fighting with Hamas. 

Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday and took 250 hostages. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) raided Hamas militant bases and safely freed the hostages after receiving information that they had been captured on the Gaza border. The IDF killed 60 terrorists in this attack. The commander of Hamas’ southern navy, Mohammed Abu Ali, has been detained by our forces,” the tweet said. 

In the video, IDF forces rained bullets into the rooms where the terrorists were hiding. Later, they attacked them with a grenade to get them out and arrested them. All these scenes were recorded in the body camera of an Israeli soldier who participated in the attack. The video went viral after it was shared by the Israeli army on social media

Meanwhile, it seems that around 150 citizens of Israel and other countries are still being held captive by Hamas. It is reported that they were trapped in tons. The Israeli army is preparing for a ground operation to free them. As part of this, the Israeli army has issued severe warnings to the citizens of Gaza. The IDF has issued orders for 1.1 million civilians in northern Gaza to leave the area within 24 hours. It said in a statement that Hamas militants are trying to use them as shields and that the IDF will increase its attacks on Gaza City in the coming days to avoid harming innocent civilians.