COVID19: Biden signs bill to reveal covid origins

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)
American intelligence agencies will soon reveal information on the birth of Covid in Wuhan. So far, Biden has signed a bill. 


InternetDesk: US President Joe Biden today signed the Bipartition (bipartisan) bill to disclose the intelligence collected on the Wuhan lab regarding the origins of Covid (Covid 19). This gave an opportunity to reveal the secret information collected by the intelligence agencies of the American government regarding the sources of Covid. This bill has already been approved by the Senate and Republicans in the US Congress. The bill suggests disclosure of information collected on China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. This intelligence is likely to reveal links to the spread of Covid with the research done there. Otherwise, there is no need to reveal the sensitive sources and the methods followed by the intelligence agency in order to reveal these details. 

American intelligence agencies are already revealing different opinions on the origins of Covid. Many organizations claim that it was leaked from a lab, while others claim that it was leaked from animals. 11 lakh people have already lost their lives due to covid in America. In this background, Biden signed the latest bill. Among these are those related to the Wuhan lab. Our working group will disclose as much information as possible following this bill. “Our government keeps secret only information that is dangerous to national security,” he said. 

The United States (USA) Department of Energy has stated in a report that the birthplace of Corona (Covid 19) virus was from a lab in China. In the past, different departments of America have expressed different views on the origin of Covid. Even the Department of Energy could not be specific in the past. But, with the latest 5-page report, the Department of Energy also pointed the finger at China. It is based on information from labs in its network. In the past, the FBI also believed that the virus may have accidentally leaked from a lab in China. On the other hand, Republicans in the US Congress are demanding that Biden’s task force deploy more resources to provide more information on the origin of Covid.