The Then ACP,Kishore Bharani,Harinath and other cops of Marathahalli in dock for assault and robbery

Pramesh S Jain

The then ACP,Kishore Bharani among other Marathahalli police station cops are as,PSI,Rangesh,and staff as,Harinath,Suresh and others are in dock for allegedly assaulting and humiliating a 48-year-old pastor and another victim over a trivial row.

The Victim Sagairaj A,has filed a complaint with the commissioner of police,B Dayananda,who has directed the Additional Commissioner of police,East Division to probe the matter.

In his complaint Mr.Sagairaj said that a police personnel identified as,Harinath along with three of his associates,barged into the house and dragged Sagairaj and started assaulting him without any reason.

He was dragged on the street in broad day light to humiliate him and forcing him to get into the vehicle .

The accused not giving any reason for the arrest but wanted him to bundle into the van and take him to the station.

With much resistance Sagairaj managed to escape and approached the police.

In another incident,Prathap,a resident of Viveknagar has filed a complaint with the Commissioner against the then ACP, Kishore Bharani and his team as,PSI, Rangesh and other staff as,Harinath,and other cops attached to Marathahalli police station accusing them of assault and robbery.

The constable identified as Harinath and team has beat him up and robbed Rs.13,000 cash and mobile phone when Pratap went to the station after he was summoned by the police for an inquiry.

He said in his complaint that the money which he had he borrowed it from his brother for personal work which has been robbed by the police,he alleged.

Both the complaints has been referred to Additional Commissioner  east division,for further inquiry.