Indian Veterinary Association ,falicitate and honoured Prof.(Dr) Mahendra Pal, Padmashree awardee.

The august gathering to honour Dr. Mahander pal was attended by President & Secretary of Delhi Veterinary Association,Small Animal Veterinary Association, Private Practitioner Association U P & Private Practitioner Association Delhi, Cannies Welfare Pet Club,Vice President, Veterinary Council of India,Director(Animal Husbandry unit), Development Deptt., Retaired Army officer (veterinary)Veterinarians from Delhi Government and eminent private practitioner in Delhi.
Dr.Vijay Kumar,Treasurer IVA said that the whole veterinary profession is proud of the achievement and we all feel a part of it.

Indian Veterinary Association ,New Delhi falicitate and honoured Prof. (Dr.)Mahendra Pal, Padmashree awardee, at its office at Ramesh Nagar,Delhi. Prof.Dr. Mahendra Pal, born on 10 th April 1946 in Delhi, is an internationally renowned scientist and a well-known distinguished academician, who has over 50 years’ experience of research, teaching, disease investigation, planning and administration in the field of Veterinary Science. Prof. Pal obtained BVSc and AH (College of Veterinary Science, Mathura),MVPH (All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health,Calcutta), Ph.D.(Faculty of Science, KumaonUniversity,Nainital)and D.Sc.(Faculty of Science,UtkalUniversity,Bhubaneswar.He started his career as a Veterinary AssistantSurgeon,Development Deptt,GNCTD.
He shared his vast experience in a homely atmosphere amongst fellow veterinarians.