CM Siddaramaiah owes a reply to Shamanur Shivashankarappa’s question: Basavaraj Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

T he Congress Govt is not alive for farmers: Ex-CM Bommai

Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai urged Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to reply to the questions raised by a veteran Congress leader and President of Akhila Bharath Veerashaiva Mahasabha and any further delay will have a bad impact on administration.The shadow of caste on the administration is not a good sign.

Talking to reporters here on Saturday,he said the Congress Party had been creating one or the other problems,and a lot of resentment had been created on the transfer issue.

They promised social justice for all but now it was not happening.It was coming out in different forms.The CM owes a reply to the questions raised by Shamanur Shivashankarappa and till he replies it would affect the administration.Siddaramaiah would get a bad name as long as he continued in the post of chief minister.

Not caste census

Asked about the release of the caste census report by the State government,Bommai said the census of the study of social and economic condition of the people had been ordered in 2014-15,and no where it was told to do the caste census.This was not the caste census, he added.

Instigation of anti-social elements

He said whenever the Congress came to power,they have not been able to rule effectively.A message had been given to the police not to touch a community because of which there was no fear of law,police,or the government for the anti-social elements.

An incident had occurred in Kolar City and taking note of the same an elaborate security should have been made by the Shivamogga police.

Why a fool-proof security was not made during the Id Milad procession? The anti-social elements were being instigated after the Congress Party came to power in the State.

Govt is not alive

Talking about the management of the drought situation in the state, he said that the chief minister had said they would do drought relief efficiently but the incumbent government was running on mere statements.

It has been three months of drought set in in Karnataka and farmers were distressed due to the withering of the khariff crops.

Despite all this,the incumbent government had not released for drought till now. No action has been taken so far for the problem of drinking water.

The state government was unnecessarily pointing at the center.The state government already has a disaster relief fund.Release it immediately, then take it from the center and we will be with you,” he said.

Bommai said during the BJP regime unprecedented floods affected several districts they did not wait for the center.

It was in such a crisis that the government had to show that it was alive.But looking at the attitude,it was evident that the present Congress Government was not alive to farmers.

“I would like to tell the Chief Minister that the statement will not solve the drought.So far no funds have been released for the development.

Funds have not been released for hospital,school,and road maintenance.Unfortunately,Karnataka has reached such a bad state of affairs”.

Appeasement politics’

Asked about directions to the Hubballi Cops to release those who were behind the violent incidents in Hubballi City a few months ago,he said this clearly shows the appeasement politics played by the Congress government.

Confusion between the CM and Deputy CM

The BJP said they had been opposing the opening of a new liquor shop in every gram panchayat and even the people have opposed it tooth and nail.

On the one hand, the government had been giving Rs 2,000 to every woman,and on the other hand, it had been snatching double the amount from every poor family.

The government was flouting the Excise rules and acting to its whims and fancies.While the CM ruled out giving fresh bar licenses, the deputy chief minister favored opening the new bar in strategic places.

This issue has become a den of confusion.The resolutions made by the CM were being opposed by his deputy. In total,this government would not do anything good for the people.