Ramesh Jarkiholi sleaze CD case: Ex-Karnataka Minister alleged Sex tape Scandal dominates assembly, Siddaramaiah demand CJ’S supervision in SIT probe :

Pramesh S Jain. Yogesh K Porwar

Continuing investigation into CD scandal,the SIT issued notice to the woman who is missing under mysterious circumstances.

This the the fifth notice issued by SIT to her email and whatsapp,requesting her to co-operate with the investigation and help the SIT to help her.

According to sources, the woman is suspected to have been with the prime suspect who are yet to be traced.

Meanwhile,the leader of the opposition, who also demanded a court-monitored probe, claimed the woman in a video message had said she was “utilised” and thus it would amount to rape.I demand a rape case under section 376 of the IPC be registered against Ramesh Jarkiholi, otherwise we can’t do justice to the woman,” Siddaramaiah said.

Karnataka Home Minister,Basavaraj Bommai on Tuesday slammed Congress’reaction in the alleged sex tape scandal surrounding former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, saying that the party does not want truthfulness in the case and is politicising the issue.

In an Assembly session on Tuesday,Bommai publicly criticised the behaviour of Congress members who staged a protest demanding the resignations of six ministers and a case against Ramesh Jarkiholi under section Section 376 of IPC.

What happened in the case of the then Minister HY Meti when Siddaramaiah was the Chief Minister? The Meti case was handed over to the Crime Investigation Department (CID) to ascertain the authenticity of the CD which was aired in the media.The FIR was not registered at any police station in the Meti case.

There were no terms and references to the inquiry,” he said,In the Meti case,only one person was assigned to investigate, but we have created a Special Investigation Team (SIT).

Before the trial, copies of the order against Meti were shown to the media and Meti was given a clean chit later,” he added.

He further said that the same Congress legislators had stood against the woman involved in the Meti case,but are now demanding action against Jarkiholi.

He said that people will not listen to the Congress leaders for their behaviour in the Assembly,adding that,We do not need to learn a lesson from the Congress.

Congress on Tuesday filed a complaint with the Enforcement Directorate (ED),Bengaluru,against Jarkiholi for his alleged involvement in money laundering in connection with a sex CD scandal.

A case was registered on March 2 against Jarkiholi for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman after a purported sex tape surfaced showing him in a compromising position with a woman.

Following the allegations,Jarkiholi resigned on March 3.He had denied allegations that he had sexually exploited a woman in return for a government job,saying that the scandal was a conspiracy against him and that the CD was fake.

Its been over 20 days, the prime suspects who are on the run giving tough time to SIT and slipping narrowly avoid being getting into the radar.

The SIT technical team finding it tough to track the suspects since they are not using mobile phone nor operating any bank accounts.

The suspects are on the move and not staying in one place for long.They stopped communicating on mobile phones which is crucial for the SIT technical team to track their digital footprint, sources said.