Caste Census will not divide the Society: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah opined that the caste census will not divide the society.

He was speaking to the media today at Mysuru airport.Reacting to PM Modi’s statement that the caste census is going to divide the society,the CM said that to implement poverty alleviation programmes we must build an equal society.

We need to know which community has remained socially,economically and politically backward even after 76 years of independence.Ours is a caste based society.

Statistics are necessary to bring the socially, economically and politically backward castes to the mainstream. That is why we need caste census.

Social and economic survey as well as caste census has to be conducted.This will definitely not divide the society,the CM opined.

Rs.4860 crore relief sought for drought:

The CM said that there is no dearth of funds for the guarantee schemes.We have sought Rs.4860 crore relief for drought from the central Government.

There is Crop loss in about 42 lakh hectares actually. All together the loss amounts to Rs.30,000 crore We have sought Rs 4860 crore relief as per the NDRF norms.

The Central study team will be visiting 11 districts of the State to assess the situation.The central Government will decide the relief amount on the basis of the report.

“There is difference in what Modi says and does

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says ‘Sab ka saath,Sab ka Viskas’.

Will it be inclusive if they do not give tickets to muslims, will it be sab ka saath?

The CM questioned. He said that there is a difference in what Modi says and Modi does.

Caste Census report to be submitted in November

The former CM H.D.Kumaraswamy did not receive the Caste census report when Kantaraju was the Chairman for Backward Classes Commission.

The present chairman is asked to submit the report as prepared by Kantaraju. He has assured to submit it in November, the CM said.

Separate Category: Review after the report submission

Reacting to the question regarding the demand for a separate category in Karnataka for most backward at the national level,the CM said that he would look into it after the backward classes census report is submitted.

Instruction to hear public grievances

Responding to a query that the central team is not hearing the public grievances during their visit, the CM said that he has instructed the team to listen to the public grievances and also talk to the MLAs and MPs too.

Itinerary prepared by Central Team

Reacting to the reporters question that the central team is not visiting the Kaveri basin,the CM said that it is not decided by us.

The Central team will decide the places they will visit and then prepare a list.He said that there is a green drought this time.It is not enough if there is a plant. It is important that it produces the yield.

Centre’s act not right

Responding to a query on the detention of journalists by the central government the CM said that the central Government’s act of detaining journalists in the name of treason is not right.

Will not issue licenses to open liquor shops

The CM clarified that licenses will not be issued to open new liquor shops.He was responding to a query by the reporters regarding the statement made by the Deputy Chief Minister D.K.Shivakumar,that the drinking cannot be stopped and that it creates employment.

He clarified that the Deputy CM has not said that he would open new liquor shops.He opined that there is no need to issue new licenses.

We will gather public opinion and then decide. Presently,there is no proposal before the Government to open new liquor shops,he clarified.

When questioned about Shyamanur Shivashankarappa’s statement regarding Lingayat officers being sidelined,the CM declined to comment.

Mahisha Dasara not celebrated by the Government

The CM said that Mahisha dasara has been celebrated in the past too,but not in Chamundi hills.The Government has never celebrated Mahisha Dasara,he said.

Lack of information

Reacting to reporters’question about Prasanna Kumar’s statement that Nariman is responsible for the Kaveri issue,the CM said that he lacks information.