Airport Staffer arrested for stealing 1500 from wheelchair bound passenger in Bengaluru

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The BIAL police on Thursday arrested a 28-year-old staffer on the charges of stealing Rs.1500 from a wheel bound chair passenger .

The accused Venugopal KV,when confronted confessed and returned the money following which he was handed over to the airport security personnel for further investigations.

Ashish Kumar,Inspector,CISF,in his complaint said that the accused was taking the wheelchair bound passenger to board the Dubai bound flight .

While ferrying the passenger he took out the cash from her bag clandestinely,but the act was recorded on the CCTV cameras.

The incident was brought to the notice of the passenger and the accused was confronted following which Venugopal confessed to the crime and returned the money.

Upon questioning Venugopal told the police that he found the notes of the ground and returned .

The police have sough for the clarity from the complainant and sought CCTV footage for further investigations, a senior officer, said .