Woman gangster among three arrested for a deadly assault on mobile mechanic for refusing to help her gang

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The Sampigehalli police on Wedesday arrested a 35-year-old woman gangster among the three people who carried out a deadly assault on the mobile mechanic for refusing to help her gang.

The accused Sadiya,resident of Hegdenagar and wife of rowdy-sheeter,operate a gang which commit robberies .

The accused had approached mobile mechanic imranullah Khan,seeking his help to flash some mobile phones which she had robbed.

Initially Imran helped her to flash the mobile phones but when she approach him with more and more stolen phones,Imran started to refuse stating that he will get into problem.

Enraged by this,Sadiya called Imran to a tea shop on the pretext of talk few days ago and attacked him along with her associates Suhail and Umar.Imran sustained multiple injuries but managed to escape and admitted to the hospital .

Based on the information,the police registered a case against Sadiya and arrested her .

Sadiya and her gang has multiple cases pending and we are also probing the criminal background of Imran, a senior officer,said.