Consolidated Lok-Aadhalath fine in Third round of 50 percent discount on pending E-Challans BTP Collected Rs.9.2 Crores fine amount and disposed 2.93 Lakhs cases

Pramesh S Jain

In the third round of 50 per cent discount on pending e-challans on traffic violations,concluded on Saturday, the Bengaluru traffic police collected a total of Rs.9.2 crore and disposed 2,92,792 cases .

However the traffic police still have a whopping 22,49,8205 pending violations till Friday.

According to official release the third round of discounted fine payment started in July with police disposed 1,23,178 cases and collected a total fine amount of Rs.3.8 crore,followed by august which was reduced to 86587 and fine amount of Rs.2.8 crore and 83027 cases on the last date of September 9 and collected 2.5 crore .

When the discounted fine recovery scheme was announced in February and March and the traffic department collected nearly Rs.140 crore fine amount .

The first round of collection was heavy followed by slight drop in second round.However the third round is less compared to the last three times,a senior officer, said .