BBMP survey reveals 2.79 lakh stray dogs roaming Bengaluru streets

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

B ruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) carried out the systematic street dog estimation survey using NAPRE recommended method (sight-resight) in all wards of Bangalore city from 11th July 2023 and 2nd August 2023 to study the impact of the ongoing ABC-ARV program,to know the neutering percentage and ward-wise density of stray dog population.

The Design of Sampling plan for the Dog survey estimate including Analysis and Report is given by Dr.K.P.Suresh,Principal Scientist (Biostatistics), ICAR-NIVEDI.

WVS(Mission Rabies) provided technical support in survey through WVS data collection app to collect data efficiently by the surveyors.

A total number of 100 surveyors (AHVS/BBMP staff and volunteers) in 50 teams under the supervision of 15 AH BBMP officers carried out the survey efficiently.

For Survey purpose,all wards of BBMP,comprising of four distinct categories:

micro zones surrounding lakes,in slum areas,in commercial areas,and other general areas are divided into 6850 grids (micro zones) each having an area of 0.5

Survey is conducted in the randomly selected 1360 micro zones (20% representative sample) over twelve days by a total of 50 teams.

Following the meticulous estimation process conducted within the BBMP,a total Street Dog population of 279335 is derived for the BBMP area.

The concluded survey reveals that there is a 10% reduction in the street-dog population as compared to previous survey (Bengaluru Street dog survey- 2019) which had estimated the Street Dog Population as 3,10,000.

At the same time overall Neutering percentage has increased by 20% from the estimated 51.16% in 2019 to 71.85% in the present study and reduction in puppy numbers.

Zone wise Street Dogs Population:

RR Nagar-41266,Bommanahalli-39183,Yelahanka-36343,
Mahadevapura-58341,Totally there are 2,79,335 stray dogs says the survey.

This decline in population points to the effectiveness of intervention efforts aimed at population control and responsible management.

This estimate provides a vital snapshot of the Street Dog population dynamics across 08 zones and the all wards within Bengaluru.

The analysis of Gender distribution, age composition, and neutering status adds insights to the formulation of responsible strategies,age-specific interventions and the continuation of successful neutering initiatives.