Report on K.G.Halli & D.J Halli riots:Government’s stand upheld:Govt must provide houses to those who lost properties in DJ Halli, KG Halli rioting cases says Basavaraj Bommai

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Former chief minister Basavaraj Bommai said the incumbent government has done the right thing by accepting the report submitted by the magistrate appointed by the previous BJP Government to examine the actions taken by the police during the DJ Halli and KG Halli riots.

Talking to reporters here on Saturday, he said this has indicated that the previous BJP government had taken the right action when the riots broke out in KG Halli and DJ Halli.

The report by an officer appointed by the then government had come and the present government has accepted the report in toto.

In thereport,the government’s action initiated to check the violence,and attack on the police and to protect law and order had been upheld.The media had covered the entire incident correctly.

The Congress Party never came to the rescue of it’s MLA whose house was attacked by the mob,but they questioned the firing by the police.

The former CM said the truth has come and the state government has accepted it.It was a heinous crime to attack the police station.Such incidents must not recur and the government must take correct steps.

The previous government had appointed the commission to provide relief for the damage caused to the public properties.

The government must accept the commission’s recommendations and build public properties on priority.

Asked about the allegations made by the Congress leaders that the then BJP Government had targeted a particular community,the BJP leader said all these had been seen live in the visual media.The government did not target any community.

The mob attacked the police station,set fire,and burned the documents.Unfortunately,the Congress leaders never went to the rescue of his party legislator.

Fooling people

Answering a question that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has promised to reserve Rs.10,000 crore for the welfare of the Muslim community,Bommai said firstly, the Congress Government has diverted Rs.11,000 crore meant for the uplift of the SCs/STs towards the implementation of the guarantee scheme.

The Congress leaders talk a lot about Dalits and their welfare, but they have taken an anti-dalit stand.The government has failed to fully spend the funds earmarked for the welfare of minority and backward classes.

The amount released to those communities by the previous BJP government had been withdrawn.The CM has made such a statement keeping in view the coming Lok Sabha polls.

First,let them return the money for the SCs/STs development.The government’s wrong decisions resulted in a slow decline in the State’s economy.

The BJP leader said they already want the 7th Pay Commission report to be delayed as the government was not in a position to pay the salary if the salary of the government employee was hiked.

Siddaramaiah’s statement of giving Rs.10,000 crore or Rs.20,000 crore was laced with politics and aimed at appeasing the Muslim community.It was an act to hoodwink the minority community.

On State JDS President CM Ibrahim’s opposition to the JDS alliance with BJP, Bommai said it was an internal matter of his party and he would not comment.

Let Shamanur answer him

The former CM said that Congress MLA Shamanur Shivshankarappa’s statement that there was no protection for Lingayat officers during the Congress government should be answered by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.