Doddabalapur Police arrest seven people for transporting buffalo meat,14 Sri Ram Sene members for assault

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar


embers of Sri Ram Sene intercepted vehicles engaged in illegal transportation of beef in Doddaballapur,setting one vehicle ablaze.

Police have arrested 22 people and recovered 18 tonnes of beef worth over Rs.26 lakhs.

Sri Ram Sene activists were booked under section 153A and the beef transporters under the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughtering and Preservation Act.

The police have also booked a case against a group for recording the video of vehicle burning and uploaded on social media .

Senior officer told reporters,Tension prevailed at IB Circle Doddaballpura for sometime when a armed members of Srirama Sene,a pro Hindu outfit intercepted few vehicles carrying beef from Hindu pura to City in the early hours.

People in the transport vehicles were dragged beaten up abuses before placing the severe heads of cattle on them and paraded amidst JSR chants .

The protestors even went aggressive and set fire to one of the car belonging to the transporters leading to tense situations.

The police along with fire and emergency personnel rushed to the spot but the protestors accused police , administration and local politicians for hand in glove with beef smuggling racket.

The police and toll staff despite knowing beef being smuggles keeping mum that means they are hand in glove and abetting for few rupees,a Sri Rama Sene members alleged.

If u allow the beef sale despite law against it why can’t u kill your mother and eat her,one of them question.

The police had to struggle hard to bring the situation under control.Burning the vehicle was recorded and put it on social media escalating of tense situations.

Additional police have been deployed and the police arrested both the protestors and the beef smugglers in separate cases for further investigation.

Senior officer said “We have registered three FIRs in connection with the incident,and 22 people have been detained.

He said the police have recovered 18 tonnes of beef worth over Rs.26 lakhs from the accused and recovered five vehicles.

He said the police arrested 15 Sri Ram Sene workers and seven accused who were transporting beef.The police also registered a case at CEN police station under IT act 66 against accused who spread the video clips on social media.

“Sri Ram Sene workers were booked under section 153A (Promoting enmity between different groups on ground of religion, race) and the beef transporters under Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughtering and Preservation Act. No arrests have been made under IT act,” he said.