DG & IGP Alok Mohan directs police personnel to ensure that all categories of police vehicles strictly adhere to the prescribed speed limits to enforce discipline

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

in an effort to enforce discipline and bring down number of accidents especially on highways Director General and Inspector General of Police directed the police personnel to strictly adhere to speed limits for all types of vehicles they travel on highways.

In a circular issued on Tuesday,Mr.Alok Mohan,stated that all national and state highways in Karnataka have maximum driving speed limit fixed and hence all the vehicles on these highways are required to be driven below the maximum speed limit fixed for them.

The circular was issued following a few instances where police vehicles moving on highways driven with exceeding speed limits.

The unit officers shall ensure that police vehicles from their units follow the speed limit fixed for these national highways and state highways.

Serious disciplinary action shall be taken against all concerned in case police vehicles of any category are found speeding beyond the specified speed limit on these highways, he said .

A senior police officer said that the police vehicles will over speed or break rules only during emergency and not often.

However there are exceptions when some police personnel take advantage of their privilege .

It may be recalled that ADGP and commissioner of traffic and road safety ,Mr.Alok Kumar,has launched a special drive on the Bengaluru Mysuru expressway to bring down the rate of fatal accidents reported .

Mr. Alok Kumar along with the heads of the Ramanagar and Mandya districts conducted survey and also put up measures to contain the over speeding vehicles, installing enforcement cameras,put up police chowkis and increasing patrolling on the stretch .

Similar measures have also been taken on Tumakuru and Hosur highways.The police found the over speeding of vehicles and lack of traffic discipline among motorists led to the fatal accidents and loss of many lives .

During the survey and monitoring it was found that even police vehicles are violating the speed limit rules.