Reacting to the behavior of US police in the case of the death of a Telugu student, India demanded an investigation..!

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

The manner in which a police officer acted in the case of the death of a Telugu student (Andhra Student’s Death) in America (USA) led to criticism. India strongly denied this. The higher authorities are asked to investigate.



Delhi: The Government of India has reacted strongly to the video of the police officer from Seattle who spoke in a sarcastic manner in the incident of the death of a Telugu student (Andhra Student’s Death) in a road accident in America (USA). The US has been asked to investigate these scenes immediately. To this extent, the Indian Consulate in San Francisco has tweeted. 

‘The latest news that has come to light as part of the investigation of Jahnavi Kandula’s death case has caused a deep shock. We have brought this matter to the attention of higher authorities in Seattle and Washington. We have demanded a full investigation into this. Also, we are in regular contact with the relevant authorities,’ the embassy revealed

Kandula Jahnavi (23) from Adoni MIG Colony, Kurnool district, went to America in 2021 for higher studies after completing her degree. On January 23 this year, she was seriously injured and died on the spot when a police patrol vehicle hit her while crossing the road on her way home from college. A police officer from the city of Seattle laughed and joked about this incident. All those words were recorded in the camera attached to his body. As they have recently come to light, the superiors have ordered an inquiry into his conduct. 

America responded..

The US government responded to India’s request. It has been revealed that a speedy and transparent inquiry will be conducted in the case of Jahnavi’s death. On the other hand, members of the US legislature and expatriate Indians are expressing their anger on this video. Indian American lawmaker Ro Khanna said that people who do not value human life should not work in investigative agencies. Pramila Jayapal, another expatriate Indian member, said that the video was shocking