Notorious HBT offender arrested by Govindarajnagar police Recovered stolen property worth Rs.6.5 Lakhs

Pramesh S Jain

The Govindarajnagar police on Monday arrested a 44-year-old house break thief and recovered valuables worth Rs.6.5 lakh from him.

The accused has been identified as Gopinath,resident of Yelachenahalli and native of Ramanagara was habitual offenders involved in several house break cases .

The accused would move around the area and identify the locked houses and burgle them.

Based on a complaint the Govindarajnagar police inspector and team analyzed several CCTV footage to identify and arrested him,.

The team recovered 107 grams of gold valuables and Rs.1.14 lakh cash total worth Rs.6.5 lakh from him.