Canada: A series of shocks for Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau..!

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cannot easily forget the G20 meeting held in New Delhi. In addition to the bitter experiences in the conference, he had to stay in Delhi for two extra days as his flight was delayed.


If our time is not good, we have to spend days where we don’t want to stay for a long time. This is the situation of Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. G20 ended grandly.. all the guests left.. except Trudeau. A serious technical problem occurred in his official flight. It is doubtful that he will leave even on Tuesday afternoon. The Canadian Air Force sent another plane for Trudeau. It was initially thought to be added to Delhi via Rome. But, after that the route was changed and diverted towards London route.

Even in the G20 conference, aunty did not touch..

  • Trudeau’s style of conduct seems to be untouchable even in the G20. He did not even attend the dinner held on the first day of the conference. Canadian newspapers reported that the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office refused to give a reason for this.
  • Even when world heads of state paid their respects at Rajghat, Trudeau did not meet much with anyone. With this, Prime Minister Modi took him by the hand and tried to explain the details there. But Modi was also stunned when Trudeau gently withdrew his hand. Journalists directly questioned Trudeau about the incident. He replied that they can think as they like. 
  • The situation worsened after the Modi-Trudeau meeting on the last day of the G20. In this meeting, Modi directly addressed Trudeau about anti-Indian forces taking refuge in Canada. He warned that it could become a threat to Canada as well. Expressed concern over attacks on diplomats, attacks on embassies and places of worship. He concluded that mutual respect and trust are very important in the progress of India-Canada diplomatic relations. It is noteworthy that this matter was released in the form of a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • Recently, while Trudeau was in Delhi, threats were made to the Indian embassy in Canada.
  • Trudeau’s visit to G20 has also been criticized at home. Canada’s opposition leader Perry Poilivre complained that he was ignored by the rest of the heads of state in the conference.  

Some incidents before the trip..

A few days before the visit, Canada announced that it was suspending negotiations on a free trade agreement with India. The exact reason for this is not disclosed. In July, Khalistani groups in Canada issued posters threatening Indian diplomats. Responding to this, Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar warned that this incident will have a negative impact on the relations between the two countries.

Controversy in 2018 too..

In 2018, Trudeau was heavily criticized during his visit to India. At that time, former Khalistani terrorist Jaspal Atwal was invited to a dinner given by the Canadian High Commission in his honour. This put Trudeau in a diplomatic quandary. Due to these incidents, the Indian government did not give much importance to his visit at that time. As a result, less official events were held. Trudeau faced criticism at home saying that he had gone to India to visit tourist places.

As for Canada's official planes, this is not the first time they have troubled the country's prime minister. In 2016, a flight from Belgium had to return to Canada due to a technical problem. And in October 2019, this plane hit a wall by mistake. At that time, its nose was damaged.