Krushi Melas should not be fairs for the agricultural sector:Youth and newcomers should be attracted says Siddaramaiah

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

* Agricultural universities should conduct more research on developing agriculture in drylands:Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that agricultural universities should conduct more research on developing agriculture in drylands.

He was speaking while inaugurating the Krishi Mela-2023 organized at Dharwad Agricultural University campus this afternoon.

Today,60 percent of the people are dependent on agriculture.

Despite agriculture being the main occupation of the country,many people are turning away from agriculture. He said that the lack of rain is becoming a problem due to the availability of rain-fed agricultural land.

Agricultural universities should work to get youth and more people involved in agriculture.University’s research and technologies will be useful only if they reach farmers’ lands.

He said that agricultural fairs should be attractively organized to attract youth and newcomers to the agricultural sector without being a mela.

Expressing his concern over the farmers who are into dry cultivation,he said that research about improved variety is needed.

If the main crop fails,there must be an immediate alternative crop Scientists must conduct research on these lines,the CM said.

*Laboratory findings should reach farmers’ land.

Lab to Land means that laboratory findings should reach the farmers’ land.He said that only then the researches of scientists will be fruitful.

*Advanced harvester for farmers.

Re-launch of Krishi Bhagya,Krishi Yantra Dhara Schemes has been announced.The chief minister said that since there are more small farmers in the state, steps have been taken to provide advanced harvesting machines to the farmers.

*Action to solve water problem :

Koramangala Challaghatta (KC) Valley has been facilitated to increase the ground water in Kolar district and for irrigation.The CM informed that action has been taken to solve the water problem.

*Farmers get Rs.Zero interest loan up to 5 lakhs.

The state government will provide farmers with Rs. Zero interest loan up to Rs.5 lakh and upto Rs.15 lakh loan at only 3% rate of interest,he said.

*Committed to implement Mahadayi scheme.

The government is committed to implement Mahadayi scheme.The chief minister said that if the central government responds quickly and resolves the problem, the implementation of the project will be easy.

The state government will take immediate action if the central government consults with the Goa government and resolves the dispute related to environment and forest.He said that the state government has no shortage of funds.

*Bennihalla Scheme: Quick implementation.

DPR of Bennihalla project will completed and implemented soon.The Chief Minister said that all the demands of the farmers of Dharwad district and North Karnataka will be responded to and action will be taken.

*Continuation of all development works along with five guarantees;The government is financially stable.

Opponents of the poor are making false allegations against the government regarding the implementation of the Five Guarantees,but the government is financially sustainable and all development works have been continued.

A budget of Rs.3 lakh 80 thousand crore rupees will be presented next year for the development of the state including five guarantees,the CM said.

*No need to fear.

It is being misrepresented that there is a lack of funds for development due to the implementation of five guarantee schemes.

There is no financial problem for the government.All development programs of the government will continue.

About 32 thousand crores of rupees are required for the implementation of five guarantees this year.From next year, about 56 thousand crore rupees will be required for the implementation of five guarantees every year.

The government is empowered to provide all these necessary funds.The Chief Minister assured that no one should be afraid.

The Chief Minister said that including the cost of five guarantees, the next year’s budget is estimated to be around 380 lakh crores.

Minister of Agriculture and Vice-Chancellor of Agricultural University N.Chaluvarayaswamy released special publications of Krishi University on the stage.

The Chief Minister honoured and presented awards to the women farmers and progressive farmers who were awarded the Shrestha Krishi Award.

Agriculture Minister,N.Chaluvarayaswamy,Labour Department and Dharwad District In-charge Minister, Santosh Lad,chief whip of Vidhan Parishad,Salim Ahmed,MLAs,Prasad Abbaiah,N.H.Konareddy, Basavaraja Shivannanavar,Agriculture Department Secretary,Anbukumar,Commissioner,Y.S.Patil,DC, Gurudatta Hedge,SP,Renuka Sukumara,ZP CEO SwaroopaT.K and others were present.