Bengaluru Police crackdown on cyber criminals,over 12,000 SIM cards blocked in 15 days

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya


n an effort to contain the growing cyber crime related offences,the city police in the last one month blocked over 15,000 SIM cards used by cyber crooks .

City police commissioner,B.Dayananda,said that the government portal launched recently to track down SIM cards used in the cyber crime and are blocked successfully.

These SIMs are used to call multiple people randomly and cheat them.

The ID cards are being taken by the fraudsters through Fake ID,mule IDs and loopholes in the KYC.The cyber crime police have identified each of these grey areas and are trying to resolve the issue to minimise the offences,he said .

Most of these SIM cards were found to be operational in North and other parts of India used to target gullible people in city and state.This way it helps in reducing the number of victims and also brings down the number of cases.

It’s an ongoing drive and as and when we identify such suspicious numbers,we will get such SIM cards blocked,he noted.

However,officials dealing with the cyber crime said that blocking the SIM and freezing the account is just a temporary measure for a short period of time  .

The accused used fake Ids or mule Ids to borrow the SIM cards and there are chances that they would take up the next SIM card for their operations.

The accused even use bank account borrowed from gullible people for rental basis to get the fraudulent money transaction.

Once the money reached the account,it will immediately be withdrawn or diverted to many accounts to hoodwink the tracking process he added.