Bengaluru Bandh : Security heightened across City No Permission given for rally,warns protestors to maintain peace : B Dayananda

Pramesh S Jain


ecurity has been stepped up in and around the city to ensure law and order during Bengaluru bandh .

All the senior officers and police personnel have been directed to patrol the area to ensure no one force people to participate in the bandh.

There was no permission given for the rally as planned by the protestors in the city as per the High court order .

The protest was allowed in freedom park,any violations will be dealt with legally,he said .

Apart from the 15,000 policemen in the city,KSRP and CAR platoons have also been deployed to ensure peaceful bandh.

Our concern is to ensure no inconvenience caused to the motorists and people during the bandh,says Commissioner of Police,B Dayananda.