Cyber fraudsters duped Defence liaison officer on pretext of selling Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max for discounted price made away with Rs.87,477

Vinod M Jain 

Luring with Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max,cyber frauds duped an liaison officer of Defence and made away with Rs.87,477.

The officer,Lalith Kumar has filed a complaint with the commercial street police on Friday.In his complaint Mr. Lalith Kumar said that he came across an Ad on Instgram offering apple phone for a discounted price of Rs.6,000.

Excited by this Lalith Kumar contacted the number given in th address and the person asked him to pay an advance amount of Rs.199 to book the phone.

Mr.Kumar followed the instructions and waited for the delivery.

On August 26,he received a phone call from a person claiming to be bluedart courier executive informing him that the parcel in his name has been put on hold not pending dues and asked him to pay Rs.6,000.

The person also sent a QR code to make the payment . While Mr.Lalith made the payment of Rs.6,000,he realized a total of Rs.87,477 has been deducted .

He tried to contact the number but it was not reachable. After repeated attempts to reach the person,Mr.Kumar realized that he has been cheated and complained to the police .

Based on the complaint,the police are trying to track down the accused based on the contact number said a senior officer.