New colleges ok.. no posts!

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Although new engineering colleges are being established under JNTUH, teaching and non-teaching posts are not being fully sanctioned.

Shortage of teaching and non-teaching staff in engineering colleges


Today, Hyderabad: Although new engineering colleges are being set up under JNTUH, teaching and non-teaching posts are not being fully sanctioned. As a result, the varsity colleges are facing a situation where they have to run a large number of guest lecturers. There are total 410 posts of professors in JNTUH.. At present only 169 are working.. 241 posts are vacant. That means more than 50 percent of the posts of professors are vacant. All these posts are from five years ago. On the other hand, the necessary teaching and non-teaching posts are not being given to the newly established engineering colleges.

There is not enough teachers for the students

The state government has sanctioned an engineering college under JNTUH in 2021-22 at Sirisilla. In the absence of a permanent building, classes are being conducted in the Government Degree College. Still no place allotted to the college. Apart from the non-teaching staff, no orders were issued sanctioning the posts of professors. There are 6 courses here.. 360 BTech seats (EWS quota 36 seats extra). As per All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) norms, there should be one teacher for every 20 students. That means there should be 18 faculty members per year in the course. A total of 72 people are required for four years. There are no permanent teachers here except a principal and one or two others. An engineering college has been set up in Vanaparthi in 2022-23. There are 5 branches and 300 seats. 15 teaching staff required per year. Latest from this academic year (2023-24) Mahabubabad, Engineering colleges have been sanctioned in Paleru of Khammam district. It has been mentioned that specific orders will be given regarding posts and funds in the related GO. Some professors are commenting that how many years will it take to appoint staff in new colleges. A teacher said, ‘Because of the demand for CSE, students are enrolling whether there is a teacher or not. In the remaining courses, even half the seats are not filled.’

The guest faculty..

In the wake of the CM announcing the abolition of the contract system in the state, no new teachers have been appointed under this system for the past two years. JNTUH conducted the examination for the appointment of contract faculty for Sirisilla Engineering College and canceled it with the announcement of the CM. In this background, where there is a shortage, guest lecturers have to be hired. Many people are not interested in coming from other areas to work because they are paid on a part-time basis. It is said that they have to choose someone from among the locals. They also leave if they find any alternative.. Again they are choosing someone else. Some professors are expressing concern that the quality of education is also decreasing due to this.

Approval may come soon..

– Acharya Manzoor Hussain, Registrar, JNTUH

It has been mentioned in the GO that specific orders will be given later regarding the sanction of posts. Regarding the posts of Sirisilla and Vanaparthi Colleges, the GO is to be released from the Finance Department. We are also waiting for the approval to come soon. Currently we are hiring guest lecturers.