Uttar Pradesh teacher asks classmates to beat up Muslim students

Abhijit Ray:A  lady teacher in a private school in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, who instructed children in her classroom to beat a student one by one, referred to student’s Muslim religion, and said  pejoratively about “Mohammedan children”.The teacher asked a Muslim student to be beaten up as punishment for not doing the home work. She has advised the classmates to beat up the Muslim student. A video of the incident at a private school in Uttar Pradesh has gone viral on the internet. The teacher can be seen making several anti-Muslim comments. Police have already launched an investigation into the incident. The incident took place at a private school in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar. According to reports, a Muslim student could not tell the homework in the class. The angry teacher of the class ordered that the classmates would beat the student. She has also told that Muslim women do not really care about the education of their children. That is why the quality of education of Muslim students are so bad. As soon as the video of the whole incident went viral, the school authorities were shaken. Later, the accused lady teacher named Tripta Tyagi said that  “I was told to discipline the kid. So, while I was teaching the class, I asked him whether he had learnt what he was asked to.  I had warned him earlier that I’d beat him if he didn’t.”The Muzaffarnagar teacher, who on Saturday was booked for making communal comments, also claimed that the Muslim families in her village would give good feedback if asked about her teaching abilities.Meanwhile, Opposition parties hit out at the BJP for “politics of hate”. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said the teacher was “sowing the poison of discrimination in the minds of innocent children” and “turning a holy place like a school into a market place of hatred”.Condemning the incident, the Trinamool Congress said, “Strict action should be taken against such inhuman behaviour. ”