ISI spy arrested by STF in Kolkata

Abhijit Ray:A man from Bihar was arrested from Kolkata  for allegedly spying against India. The  STF  has arrested a man who was allegedly working for Pakistan-based Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The accused, identified as Bhaktavanshi Jha, was allegedly supplying vital information about India to his Pakistan handlers. It has been mentioned in several reports that ISI spies are there in different cities of India. Is Kolkata also on the list? The arrest of a man on suspicion of being a Pakistani spy from the city of joy has raised the question.On Friday, the STF of Kolkata Police arrested a man. The accused has been identified as Bhaktavanshi Jha. The 36-year-old is a resident of Darbhanga in Bihar. He worked for a courier company for a few days. Earlier to that, he was working at India’s national capital. According to investigators, Bhaktavanshi Jha had been in Kolkata for the last three months. He will be produced in court on Saturday.The accused has been charged with information laundering. According to investigators, several pictures, videos, and online chats were found on the accused’s mobile phone and they are being investigated. Investigators believe it will reveal some important facts.