Hyderabad Police: Everything can’t be our way

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Paan shops till dawn.. hotels. Rowdysheeters’ uproar with civil settlements. Boys roam freely on the roads without number plates.

Midnight police checks in Old Town
to identify dark spots and install street lights


Kulsumpura Police doing counselling

Today, Hyderabad: PAN shops.. hotels till dawn. Rowdysheeters’ uproar with civil settlements. Boys roam freely on the roads without number plates. Mischievous acts to frighten passing passengers and pedestrians. These are daily occurrences in the old town and suburbs. Since it is a sensitive area, the police have been taking steps. Taking advantage of this, the old criminals and hooligan gangs are encroaching on the graveyards as well. The city police are ready to arrest such gangs who are disrupting peace and order. Chhabutra started the operation which had been stalled for some time. CP CV Anand has issued orders to take strict action against the shops which are kept open against the rules. About 200 people were detained and counselled.

This is how it works

Private panchayats of rowdy sheeters have increased in Bandlaguda, Chandrayanagutta, Barkus, Saidabad, Musarambagh, Issadan, Malakpet, Pahadisharip, Katedan, Mylardevpally, Attapur and Karwan areas. Stolen bikes are given to minors/youths and converted into followers. In the middle of the night, the streets, main roads and colonies turn into groups and turn the roads into bars. They are destroying street lights and CCTV camera wires there. Recently, it is reported that some hooligans severely beat a hotel owner at Chandrayanagutta for asking him to pay for what he had eaten.

Binderovers, cases if you cross the limit

We are registering cases against the brats. We are binding over rowdy sheeters who do not get on the way with counselling. We are going to install street lights in 100 areas identified as dark spots. PAN shops and hotels should be kept open as per the rules. Call 100 if you face any problem or notice any incident