Another Complaint filed against ACP Kishore Bharani and team to Commissioner of Police this is fifth complaint by five individuals

Special Correspondent

In a surprising turn of events,Raja Yesupadam,a Christian priest,has lodged a formal complaint against ACP Kishore Bharani and his team,accusing them of making up stories and seeking revenge.

The complaint,submitted to the Commissioner of Police has sparked worries about potential wrong doing within the police force.

The clash between Yesupadam and the police started when he reported an attack on his mother.He asserts that this initial complaint led to tensions with the police due to their slow investigation.

In February 2023,a case was filed against Yesupadam and others related to a land deal.

After being granted bail by the Honourable High Court, Yesupadam cooperated with the investigating officer (IO).

However,fresh concerns arose when he discovered that the police had given false statements on his behalf, even signing documents in a language he couldn’t understand.

Connected to the same case,the police seized a car belonging to Mr.Antony Sabu.

Despite having a court order for its release,Kishore Bharani held the vehicle for five days until Mr.Sabu’s advocate contacted the then DCP Dharmendra Kumar Meena who was posted during elections time to resolve the situation.

Complicating matters further,troublemakers in the local area have allegedly been causing disturbances around Yesupadam’s home,verbally abusing and intimidating his family.

Before he was granted bail,these same individuals reportedly shared his pictures nearby,causing anxiety among his relatives.

Yesupadam’s concerns about the masterminds behind these actions have grown,pushing him to take drastic measures.

In an effort to bring attention to his plight,Raja Yesupadam wrote letters to prominent officials, including the Prime Minister of India,the Home Minister, and the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

These letters strongly warn that if any harm comes to him or his family,ACP Kishore Bharani and his team should be held responsible.

Yesupadam has also raised questions about ACP Kishore Bharani’s activities during his years in the East division and his recent transfer to the Traffic department.He seeks to uncover who supports him, who influences him,and what motivates their actions.

These allegations have cast doubt on the police department’s credibility and accountability.The focus now shifts to the fairness of the legal system and the thoroughness of the investigation that will ultimately uncover the truth behind these unsettling claims.