We need graduates with scientific temperament and rational knowledge to lead the country and the State

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

*What is the use if only superstitious minds come out of the universities: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah asked,what is the use of graduates filled with ignorance,who come out of universities,without scientific temperament and rational thinking.

What use are they for the country and the State and the society and Therefore he instructed the Vice Chancellors of Universities to equip graduates with a scientific temperament.

He was speaking at the meeting which was held under his chairmanship today with the Vice Chancellors of Public Universities and Senior Officials of Higher Education Department in Conference hall,Vidhana Soudha.

Universities should equip graduates who will lead the country scientifically,intellectually,economically and in a civilized way.

If they come out filled with ignorance,they will not be useful for the country nor the State nor will they be useful for their own future, he said.

Highlights of the meeting:

1. Vice chancellors of 32 public universities of the state and senior officials of the higher education department participated in the meeting.

2. Karnataka State Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) 36% .

3. National GER 27.4%.

4. The aim is to increase GER to 50% by 2030.

5. Male GER- 34.8%.

6. Female- 37.2%.

7. Scheduled Caste- 25.6%.

8. Scheduled Tribe- 23.4%.

9. 1.31 lakh students in 32 universities of the state.

As the GER ratio in Government Colleges,Private Colleges,Schedule Caste,Schedule tribes,minorities will be recorded in UUCMS,information should be kept ready.

The Chief Minister directed to step up necessary measures and researches to increase the enrollment ratio of students and improve the quality of education in districts like Chamarajanagar,Yadgiri,Hassan, Koppala,Kodagu etc.where GER rate is low.

The Chief Minister instructed to improve the quality of education in Mysore University, which is the oldest and the first university in the state.