Two passengers from Singapore caught by Bengaluru customs officials for smuggling gold in unique way the duo had synthetic belts concealed with gold worth Rs.1.59 Crore seized

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar


engaluru Custom officials on Friday arrested two passengers who were smuggling gold in unique way.

The duo was caught soon after landed from Singapore to kempegowda International airport the accused were having synthetic belts on their bag concealed with gold worth 1.59 crore.

The baggage was noticed by the official while checking through conveyor belt profiling the baggage found unusual about the form of belt further checking revealed that it was heavy and contain some metal inside.

The officials waited at the security check for the owners of the bag to pick it up and soon after they did , the officials nabbed them.

The officials suspect that the duo was part of the gold smuggling racket and further investigations are on.