IT company security guard arrested for attempting to rape and murdered woman in Mahadevapura & wife arrested for abetting to murder

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar


he Mahadevapura police on Saturday arrested a 26-year-old security guard for killing his 21-year-old neighbour for resisting his sexual assault on Thursday.

The accused has been identified as,Krushna chandra Sethi,and his wife,Bhagyashri Barla.

Senior officer told reporters,The victim,Mahananda,native of Gulbarga and staying with his sister at the house in Maheshwarinagar working in a petrol pump stations for the last three years.

Mahananda who ventured out of the house at around 8.30 pm was missing mysteriously,following which her sister filed a complaint.

The police have taken up a case of missing and searched along with the neighbours but in vain.

The next day on Friday,the body of Mahanda was found near the house.The police along with the crime scene investigation team found that she was strangled to death using the thread she was wearing around her neck.

The victim had left behind the slippers when she went missing and police found that her feet and soul were clean.Suspecting that she was killed in the vicinity,the police began to probe before zeroing in on the accused .

A Detailed probe revealed that the accused Krushnachandra Sethi,working as security guard at Bagmane tech park was staying with his wife at the neighbourhood.The accused was eyeing on Mahananda for sometime.

On the fateful day,when Mahananda was ventured out for a stroll,the accused who was alone at the house dragged her into the house and tried to assault her sexually.

Shocked victim resisted and tried to shout,he gagged her mouth and later strangled her to death using the thread she was wearing .

The accused later dumped her body in a water drum and covered with bed sheet.

When the wife returned home from work late in the night.Sethi convinced her with a cooked up story and the duo later decided to dispose the body.

But by then sister of the deceased started creating ruckus about the missing of Mahananda and the neighbours started searching for her .

The police have also detained the wife of Sethi for abetting to the murder and investigating further,a senior officer told reporters.