Cyber crooks booked for hacking and demanding ransom of 4000 USD to release reputed college Facebook admin page

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The Facebook page of Reva University has been hacked by cyber crooks who took over the admin access and demanding a ransom of 4,000 USD to return the access .

Based on a complaint filed by Vinod Kumar,digital marketing manager,the police have registered a case against the unknown people charging them under IT act.

The incident came to light on Friday when Mr.Kumar who had admin access to the page tried to log in to post some material related to the college.

He tried multiple times and realized that someone had taken him from admin access.

He checked the page through business page to find three people had taken control over the page and when Mr.Kumar contacted them through their email id,the accused demanded the ransom to return the accused .

This has been done to defame the university,he said .
The police are trying to track down the accused through their IP address for further investigations.