Manipur fires.. BSF stands by Amaru’s family

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

BSF stood by the family of Amaru who sacrificed his life for the country. The brave jawan’s family was safely moved to a rehabilitation center from the attacks of the rioters.


Imphal: The army has not forgotten the sacrifice of that brave soldier for the country. He knew that the family was in trouble and stood by them. As a result, the village of that brave soldier and his family members were saved from the attack of rioters and moved to a safe place in Manipur, which has been raging with unrest for more than two and a half months. They assured that they will support the family in the future. A BSF official said that some personnel are still protecting the soldier’s house from mob attacks. 

Paotinsat Guite, a resident of Maphou village in Manipur, works as a sub-inspector in the 29th battalion of the BSF. On December 1, 2020, at LOC in Jammu and Kashmir, he effectively thwarted militants who tried to infiltrate into India illegally with the help of Pakistan Army. Gait was martyred in this process. In recognition of his service, the central government announced the Kirti Chakra award on the occasion of Independence Day last year. 

Gait’s father, Tongzong Gait, was moved to tears because of the lack of protection in his own state for the Gait family, who saved the country from the attacks of the enemy army. Currently staying in a rehabilitation center along with his family, he shared with a national news agency how the BSF personnel saved them from the attacks of the rioters. 

మయన్మార్‌ నుంచి మణిపుర్‌కు.. రెండు రోజుల్లో 700 మంది

“At two o’clock in the afternoon of May 30, more than a thousand armed thugs dressed in black attacked our village. Earlier, with the information that the villages were being attacked, we moved the women, children and old people of our village to safe places. By the time we also left the village, the thugs entered our village. Already, they attacked 9 surrounding villages. Knowing that Mafau is the native village of Gait who worked with them, the BSF personnel who were on duty at some distance from there reached our village. The rioters who were creating havoc in the village were chased away from there. But, already more than 50 houses in the village were burnt in the fire. Later, we were safely shifted to the rehabilitation center,” Gait’s father said. 

“Two years ago, CM Biren Singh invited us as Amaru’s family to his residence and honored us. Today, we remain the victims of rioting mob attacks. We are away from our home. It is very sad” his words with wet eyes reflect the situation in the state. For the last two and a half months, there has been a very alarming situation in Manipur. Protests are being expressed across the country over the videos that came to light regarding attacks on women a few days ago. The opposition is insisting that it should be discussed in Parliament and Prime Minister Modi should make an announcement. The Center is alleging that they are ready for discussion, but the opposition parties are not agreeing to this.