Newspaper Association of India Advocates for Journalist Welfare in Karnataka

Mysore Bengaluru, Karnataka – The Karnataka unit of the Newspaper Association of India recently held a meeting in Mysore to discuss the welfare and benefits of journalists in the state. With a commitment to working towards the betterment of journalists, the association aims to establish district units across Karnataka.

During the meeting, Vipin Gaur, General Secretary of the Newspaper Association of India, emphasized the need for a pension scheme for journalists in Karnataka. He proposed that journalists who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to the field and are now aged over 60 should receive a pension of at least ₹20,000. This scheme would recognize their contributions and support their livelihoods during their retirement years.

The following demands were put forth to the government:

Implementation of a pension scheme for working journalists in Karnataka.

Provision of accidental protection cover policy for journalists in the state.

Enactment of a journalist protection law to curb atrocities against journalists.

Development of an advertisement policy for small and medium newspapers in Karnataka, providing government support to sustain their operations.

Issuance of transport passes to working journalists, facilitating free movement for news coverage within the state.

Government recognition for web portals in Karnataka, enabling reporters to work as officially recognized journalists.

Establishment of media centers equipped with computer and internet facilities in Bengaluru and other districts, ensuring hassle-free news exchange.

Vipin Gaur stated that the Newspaper Association of India is committed to advocating for journalist welfare throughout the country, not limited to Karnataka alone. He highlighted the association’s initiatives, including the introduction of Journalist Tribute Day on February 10th and the establishment of the International Day for Journalism on February 12th in collaboration with the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry. Additionally, the association organizes Journalist Body Donation camps, free workshops, and various other activities.

The meeting witnessed the participation of more than seven district journalists, including National President Dr. Gururaj Nagathan, National Joint Secretary Sridhar Murthy, State President Vasudev, State General Secretary Srikant Kashyap, and Karnataka Central Committee Members Srinivas, Shivalingappa, K Sanjeevi, and Dr. Manjunath.

The Newspaper Association of India continues to champion the cause of journalist welfare, striving to improve the working conditions and recognition of journalists across the nation.