Chetan Shivram Motorsports collaborate with Vamcy Merla Sports Foundation for GEN Next experience

Pramesh S Jain 

In order to take the Indian motorsports to another level, Chetan Shivram Motorsports(CSM)city based rally school,collaborating with Vamcy Merla Sports Foundation (VMSF) for the current season of Indian National Rally Championship (INRC) 2023.

The aim of CSM,is to continue the tradition of racing, rallying,and autocross.

Its partnership with Vamcy Merla Sports Foundation solidifies Team CSM’s participation in the INRC, featuring Chetan Shivram and five other exceptionally skilled drivers competing in various categories.

After dissociation with the previous team,CSM team led by the multi talented Chetan Shivram,collaborated with Vamcy Merla and his team from VMSF,comprising Lokesh Gowda,Akash Aithal and Ashwin Naik,who stepped in to offer their generous support and take it to the next level .

Chetan Shivram is elated about this new alliance.He thanked Vamcy Merla and his team,acknowledging their kindness and support during the crucial time after parting ways with the previous team.

Sharing the moment,he said,“Together,we aspire to leverage this partnership and demonstrate our prowess on the rally tracks.

The prompt and selfless assistance from Vamcy Merla and his team has revitalized us,providing us with renewed hope and confidence as we approach the upcoming challenges.”

“Joining forces with Chetan Shivram Motorsports in the Indian National Rally Championship is an exciting endeavor for us.

We believe in the immense talent and dedication of Chetan Shivram and his team.

Together,we aim to push the boundaries of Indian motorsports and showcase our collective passion for the sport.

This partnership represents a commitment to excellence, and we are eager to embark on this thrilling journey towards success.said Vamcy Merla who heads VMSF.

With engines revving and the entire team fully geared up,Team CSM is eagerly preparing for future challenges.

Powered by the Vamcy Merla,they are confident in their ability to achieve remarkable feats in the current season of the INRC.

About Chetan Shivram Motorsports:

Chetan Shivram Motorsports (CSM) is a prominent name in the motorsports industry,led by the talented rally driver Chetan Shivram.

Known for their dedication and competitive spirit,CSM aims to excel in the Indian National Rally Championship and showcase their expertise on the rally tracks.

About Vamcy Merla Sports Foundation:

Vamcy Merla Sports Foundation (VMSF) is a renowned organization committed to the development and promotion of motorsports.

Through their support and collaborative efforts,VMSF aims to nurture talented drivers and contribute to the growth of Indian motorsports on both national and international platforms.