Alert KSRTC bus driver and conductor in a hot chase catches thief in Bengaluru,felicitated for their brave act by City Police Commissioner B Dayananda

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

City police commissioner B.Dayannda felicitated the KSRTC Volvo bus conductor and driver and his colleague for catching a thief after a hot chase and recovered the stolen Rs.5 lakh which the accused along with his associates had stolen in the moving bus.

The driver TN Somappa,driving the bus from Thirunallar to Bengaluru on Thursday,recalled that the accused hailed from Uttar Pradesh had boarded the bus from Chidambarm to go to Majestic .

He asked Somappa to drop him to Majestic by 5.30 pm as he had to catch a train to his native .

Somappa assured to drop him on time,but the accused when the bus reached Electronic city,the accused and his associate in a hurry asked Somappa to stop the bus and they had to get down.

Suspecting something fishy when Somappa questioned the accused insisted to open the door,following which he opened the door.

When the bus moved for around 100 meters,the passenger who lost money checked and raised alarm.

Sensing that the accused are involved,Somappa stopped the bus and got shouted at the duo to stop.

The duo began to run,but Somappa started chasing them and managed to pin down one of them,while the other jumped the barricade and escaped .

Upon checking Somappa found the cash and he was brought to the bus and alerted the depot manager who directed them to call the police.

The accused was handed over to the Electronic city police,who have recovered the money and handed over the passenger .

The police suspected that the accused is part of the gang which steal valuables from the passengers of the crowded bus.

Appreciating the good work of Somappa and his colleague Manjunath were honored by the city police for their brave act.