Two Juvenile Bike Offenders arrested by JP Nagar Police Recovered 44 Stolen Bikes Worth Of Rs.35 Lakhs

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya

T he South division police of JP Nagar Police on Monday caught two juveniles and recovered 44 scooters which they have stolen from in and around the city for the last one year .

The accused were caught based on a vehicle theft complaint registered in JP Nagar and police following the leads pin down the duo.

Since they are juveniles the accused have been produced before the Juvenile board for further procedure .

Probe so far revealed that the accused are high school drop outs and lived in a same area.One of the accused addicted to tobacco and started showing anti social behavior following which his family approached the CWC and got him admitted to the state home for boys.

During his stay,the accused learnt the art of stealing bikes by breaking hand locks and also tampering circuits of electric bikes .

Soon after coming out of state home,the accused ganged up with his associate in the area and the duo started stealing bikes .

The duo would perform stunts on the stolen bikes and later sell it to their contacts who were garment factory worker and security guards for throw away price.

Sometime the accused would sell the parts of the bikes and use the money on vices,the police said .

With their arrest the police managed to crack 44 bike theft cases and recovered stolen bikes worth Rs.35 lakhs reported in and around the city .