Hoysala patrolling officers rescue man’s life while he was attempting to end his life at lodge

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

H oysala Patrolling police officials attached to Upparpet police station rescue a unemployed graduate from north Karnataka in a nick of the time while he was attempting to end his life at a lodge in Gandhinagar on Sunday.

The Hoysala-78 managed by ASI Govindaraju V and head constable Manjunath Naikar were on their routine rounds when they recieved a distress call from control room informing them to attend an attempt to suicide case .

The duo rushed to the spot and found the man who informed the control room ..he turned out to be victim s friend who had come with him to visit Bengaluru.

The police without wasting time rushed to the room and found the door was locked ..manjunath and Govindaraju broke open the door to rescued the victim who is about to take his life by hanging…the ceiling fan was bent and the cloth he used to gang himself has a mark around his neck.

When the victim was confronted he starred at the cops blank and asked them why did they save him…

Without wasting time they bundled him to the station and produced him before PSI Prabhuswamy for counselling.

The police were taken by surprise when the victim said that there was no reason for his to take the exteme step and as there was reason for him to live .

Prabhuswamy tried told him to achieve something in life .. for which he replied what will happen if I achieve something..

He was again confronted by police officials that his think about his parents ..he replied Coldly .my two brothers are there to take care of them and I have no reason to be alive …

With no words left, the police called his family and handed over to him advising them to take care of him…

He looks normal but behaves very cold..his family said he had no problem to take such an extreme step, Prabhuswamy who counselled the victim, said

Considering his mental status the police let him off with no legal action and warned him to stay away from any suicidal tendencies..

Those having distress or suicidal tendencies can call Arogya Sahayavani on 104 for help)