People respect and vote for those who do not abhor sweat-toil culture : Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Speech Highlights

* Make a difference.

* Understand why the State still remembers Shantaveri Gopal Gowda.

* Out of 224 MLAs,70 have entered the Legislative Assembly for the first time.

* Former MP and former Union Minister KH Muniyappa, former Minister Janardhana Reddy entered the Legislative Assembly for the first time.

*The first budget of the state was only 21 crores 3 lakhs.

* The current budget is 3 lakh 9 thousand crores.

* Five guarantees announced for the benefit of the poor and the middle class will require 50 thousand crores.

*Popular stance, popular language, subject matter expertise, studiousness, preparation and training are essential for every MLA.

*Money,greed and power not enough for Politics.

Learn parliamentary language and become a subject expert: Chief Minister’s advice to MLAs.

Assembly is the temple of democracy.Chief Minister Siddaramaiah called upon legislators to raise people’s problems effectively in assembly and develop a mindset to seek solutions.

He was speaking after inaugurating the training camp organized for the newly elected MLAs of the 16th Legislative Assembly.

‘Those who do not read and understand the constitution cannot become good legislators and parliamentarians.

So read the constitution and understand its basic principles and objectives.We made the rules of the House ourselves.

He said that if you read and understand it properly, people’s problems can be brought before the house in a proper manner.’

The CM added that we cannot make laws contrary to the Constitution.Therefore, reading the constitution is essential,he said.

Basavanna’s Budget

MLAs and MPs should understand the meaning of budget.In the 12th century Kayakayogi Basavanna spoke about budget.

Kayaka and Dasoha are the key facts of the budget. Kayaka means production,Dasoha means sharing. He explained that the value of the budget is just understanding from where the production is got and to whom we distribute it in the society.

UT Khader Farid, Speaker of the Assembly,Basavaraja Horatti,Speaker of Legislative Council,Housing Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan, Assembly Secretary Vishalakshi were present.

He who cannot count a hundred sheep

“How can a person who cannot count a hundred sheep present a budget?”A newspaper had criticized when I first became Finance Minister.

I accepted the criticism as a challenge and discussed it with subject matter experts and presented the budget.

The next day “THE HINDU”newspaper wrote an editorial praising my budget as the best.Through his own example, the CM told the legislators to develop a thirst for knowledge.

CT Ravi,Eshwarappa could not have become legislators without the Constitution.

It is because of the Constitution given by Dr. Ambedkar that people like me can become MLAs and Chief Ministers.

If there was no constitution, CT Ravi,KS Eshwarappa and I would have been shepards.Therefore,it is important to understand the values of the Constitution, the Chief Minister said.

Vatal Model

Vatal Nagaraj was a model MLA who would be inside the assembly as soon as the session bell rang.He would be seated till the end of the session.The CM asked the legislators to follow him.