Conman Posing as Officer of Mumbai Narcotics Division booked for cheating IISc student threatened to foist a flse case under NDPS and made away with 1.3 Lakhs

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Posing as officer with Narcotics division of Mumbai police,conman Cheated IISc student and made away with Rs.1.3 lakh after threatening to foist a case under NDPS case on Friday.

The fraud came to light when shocked by the development the victim identified as Parul Yadav discussed the issue with her friends at the hostel campus and realized that she has been cheated .

Based on the complaint,the police have registered a case against the unknown accused charging him under various sections of IT act and efforts are on to track him down through his contact number and bank account where the money was transferred.

The victim Ms.Parul in her complaint,said that she received a call on her phone from a person impersonating a FedX employee.

The caller informed her that there was a package in my name containing illegal items and said that it could be a case of identity theft .

He informed Ms.Parul that as part of the procedure he had intimated to Mumbai Narcotics Division where another person asked me to join a Skype call to record my statements.

During the conversation the accused provided some fake documents from CBI and RBI to make her believe that they are cops .

The accused after gaining her confidence took her bank statement and asked to send money to verify my bank accounts.

Trusting the accused Ms.Parul transferred a total amount of Rs.1,34,650 to a single YES bank account ending with 5623, in Mumbai.

As soon as the transaction completed the accused disconnected the call and become incommunicado .

The police probing the case said that it is one of the method used by cyber frauds to scare people and extort money.

They requested people not to entertain calls from unidentified people and report the matter immediately to 112 for further help.