PM Modi: ‘Green Diamond’ to Jill, ‘Thousand Moons’ to Joe Biden

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Prime Minister Modi, who is on a visit to America, gave special gifts to the couple of President Joe Biden.


Prime Minister Modi is visiting the superpower (Modi in USA) on the invitation of the couple of American President Joe Biden. As part of this, Modi received a warm welcome at the US presidential palace. Prime Minister Modi gave special gifts to the Biden couple on this occasion. While President Joe Biden was given a special box made of sandalwood, First Lady Jill was given a special green diamond as a gift.

7.5 carat green diamond..

 This 7.5 carat green diamond was created in a lab using state of the art technology. Only 0.028 grams of carbon is emitted to make one carat of diamond. This has also been confirmed by the Gemological Lab. A diamond has four main characteristics namely cut, color, carat and clarity. It has chemical and optical properties similar to natural diamond found in the earth. It is claimed to be eco-friendly as solar and wind energy sources are used in its manufacture. The small box in which this diamond is placed is also specially designed. Made of paper pulp, Kashmiri artisans have painted different designs on this box.

Sandalwood box for Biden..

Prime Minister Modi handed over a special wooden box to US President Joe Biden. A document called ‘Drishta Sahasrachandro’ mentioned in the ancient Indian scripture Krishna Yajurveda was kept in it. It means.. a person who has seen a thousand full moons (Sahasra Purna Chandrodayam). 29.53 days are considered between two full moons. It takes about 29,530 days or 80 years and 8 months to see a thousand moons. However, on the occasion of US President Joe Biden also completing 80 years and 8 months, Prime Minister Modi presented it to him. It is customary to do dasha donations on the occasion of Sahasra Purna Moonrise. That’s why in it they gave a statue of Ganesha made of silver, a lamp and other things like jaggery, grains, cloth, butter in small vessels. Apart from this, Joe Biden was also given a translated book of ‘The Ten Principle Upanishads’.