Following Dy CM’s directions, entire BBMP machinery galvanised to face rains and floods” – Tushar Giri Nath.

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia

A ll rungs of the BBMP machinery has been galvanized to face the rains and floods in city,BBMP Chief Commissioner Tushar Girinath has said.

“This massive,elaborate and meticulous preparation comes following the directions from the Deputy Chief Minister,D.K. Shivakumar,BBMP Chief Commissioner Tushar Giri Nath said in a statement issued here on Tuesday.

Giving out the details of the preparations made by the BBMP, Tushar Giri Nath said all zonal commissioners, joint commissioners,chief engineers and executive engineers along with forest wing must be on high alert on the field and constantly monitor the situation.

“The BBMP machinery must be equipped and prepared to meet eventuality and contingency of any kind,of any dimension,at any place and at any given point in time,” the Chief Commissioner added.

The officers must be available to the people and senior officers must have first-hand information in order to guide the junior officers and other staff.

“The control rooms must be operational 24X7 from zonal level to sub-divisional level. Equipments,vehicles and other paraphernalia must be in the state of war readiness,”Tushar Giri Nath has said,quoting the Deputy Chief Minister.

The BBMP Chief Commissioner further said,quoting the Deputy Chief Minister, that strict action including suspension will be initiated at the higher level in the event of carelessness,lethargy and irresponsibility.

Infusing enthusiasm and dynamism among the BBMP machinery,Tushar Giri Nath,again quoting the Deputy Chief Minister, has said,History will not forgive us if we do not rise to the occasion at this moment of crisis.

Let’s gird up our loins and face the challenges with courage and conviction. Let’s put our best foot forward and walk that extra mile”.