Heabal tea cigarette launched to wean people from the habit of smoking

New Delhi . ‘Heabal India’ company launched ‘Heebal Tea Cigarettes’ at ‘The Leela’ hotel in the capital Delhi. Which is free from tobacco and nicotine, prepared from natural tea. Heabal Tea cigarettes are aimed at keeping smokers away from tobacco and nicotine and away from its harmful effects on their health. A large population of the country and the world is forced into the habit of smoking cigarettes containing tobacco and nicotine, in such a situation Heabal India company has invented a unique tea cigarette, which claims to reduce smoking addiction from the very first cigarette. Is. The easiest and most effective way to quit smoking has been launched by the Heabal India company in the form of a ‘Heabal Tea Cigarette’. Trying a modern experiment to get smokers to make a positive lifestyle change.
Heabal Tea Cigarettes are made from all natural green tea leaves for an invigorating smoking experience with the taste without the tobacco or nicotine. The company says that we have given a safe solution to make India tobacco and nicotine free. People who smoke many cigarettes in 1 day, their lives can be saved. They will kick years of addiction from the very first use of HeabalnTea cigarettes.

Launching ‘Heabal Tea Cigarette’, the company’s Managing Director and CEO Shridhar Deshpande told the media – We have launched a new tobacco and nicotine free safe herbal method of tea cigarette to address the growing habit of smoking among people. With which we will be able to get rid of this addiction of people. Jyoti Ralhan, Sales Director, Heeble India said, “It is a great solution for people to quit smoking. Spokesperson Archita Kashyap said, Heeble has come up with a better experiment for smokers.