Miscreant pick pocketed Rs.50,000 cash from Block president of Congress party on oath taking ceremony day

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Cash of Rs.50,000 has been picked stolen from the pocket of a block president of Congress party at the back gate of Rajbhavan during oath taking ceremony on Saturday.

The victim,Sadananda Gowda,58,from Soraba taluk in Shivamogga district was trying to get into the Rajbhavan amidst heavy rush at around 11.30 am at the back gate close to Legislature house.

He noticed a group of people were pushed him while he was passing through the barricaded checks.

Before he realized,someone slashed the belt pocket with a blade and taken the cash.He checked the cash missing and raised alarm but in vain.

There was a heavy police security and the police have installed CCTV cameras,despite this i have lost the money,he told Media Persons.

The cash he was carrying for the shopping which he had planned after the program.