Film Chidiakhana should be tax free in Bihar: Ravi Kishan

Must watch NFDC produced film Chidiakhana: Bhaichung Bhutia

Actor turned Member of Parliament Ravi Kishan strongly supported the film Chidiakhana and requested the State Government Bihar for tax exemption for the film Chidiakhana to promote the access of this film to youngsters across the state. A letter for the same has also been forwarded by NFDC to the Additional Chief Secretary, Finance Government of Bihar.

Strong support has also come from Indian Football legend Baichung Bhutia. This ‘God’s gift to Indian Football’ has made a name for himself and has brought honour to his country. His achievements as a footballer are only a google-click away, but the story of his journey, the obstacles on his way are something one can only imagine!
In a country that is obsessed with cricket, every other sport has to strive doubly hard for even basic attention. Having sports as a career option finds neither support, nor encouragement. In this environment it would be tough to expect children to work towards becoming a sportsperson. As a person who has travelled the same road, Baichung has decided to support a film that presents a similar issue.
Baichung Bhutia is excited when he says, “I just loved the tagline of Chidiakhana – There’s a Tiger in Every Underdog! Football is not the most favoured sports in our country. And, I have known what it is like to be an Underdog! But I also know that everything is achievable if you put your mind to it! The positivity and the values upheld in Chidiakhana will encourage our new generation.”
Baichung feels that our young generations should get more encouragement from schools and parents, “Sports like football is very important for all growing kids – not just because it is good for their physical and mental health but also because Sports leaves us with very important lessons in Life. This is what you will see in film Chidiakhana. You will see grit, determination and integrity in our young hero, Sooraj – and how his passion for Football leads him to victories both on the ground and in life.”
It is with much passion that he recommends the film, “I recommend everyone to watch Chidiakhana and not just footballers, but all our school and college kids. They must watch the film with friends and family.”
Baichung wishes luck to the director of the film Manish Tiwary and his entire team.