CM Siddaramaiah creates record by forming full-fledged Government in 15 days;CM takes bold step to form stable Government

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

A full-fledged Government is formed within 15 days after the election results came out in the State.After taking oath of office,Siddaramaiah had promised before the media,“people have voted for us to power to provide stable and clean Governance and we will live up to people’s aspirations”.

As a first step to fulfill this promise,a full-fledged cabinet has been formed without much differences.

People were disgusted with the struggles of one-man Government and people had witnessed the helplessness of a Chief Minister making trips to Delhi for cabinet expansion.

They had seen the futile meetings with High-command, with no results and today they are witnessing a bold, full-fledged and Stable Government.

Siddaramaiah has deviated from the path of keeping ministerial aspirants in control by keeping 2-3 berths vacant till the end of the term and has filled all 34 berths, which reflects his confidence and determination.

Most of the district have been given representation except a few.

The state is all set to welcome the monsoon with a hope of good rains and good crops.This full-fledged Government will be able to work efficiently keeping in view of the needs of the farmers.

Chief Minister has taken steps for the beginning of swift and active Governance.