9 Sawals( Questions) raised by the opponents  as Modi Govt. completed 9 years

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:– 9 Years passed and  9Sawals (question)! The slogan was raised on the completion of nine years of Narendra Modi’s prime ministership. Courtesy opponents. On Friday, they criticised the Prime Minister for listing the failures of the central government in everything from financial inequality, corruption, national security to divisive politics. Opposition leaders claim that Narendra Modi is not answering these nine questions. On the contrary, he wants to use the opening of the new parliament building as a shield to save face.On the contrary, he wants to use the opening of the new parliament building as a shield to save face. But with this building built at the cost of crores of rupees, the wounds of the common people cannot be coated in any way.The opposition questions, however, are straightforward enough.Why is the price of essential commodities rising? What is the reason why cooking gas cylinders are not cheap? Why not get a job? Why is division increasing and freedom decreasing? Who is responsible for the sufferings of the common people due to tughlaki decisions like demonetisation? Whose negligence has led to premature deaths from Covid? Why are Modiji’s friends getting rich day by day and buying all government properties while the rest are almost destitute? Not only this, the prime minister has also been accused of undermining democracy and democratic rights.However, Modi’s managers are trying to manage the stage to divert the attention of the general public. They have been vocal in their criticism of 21 opposition parties boycotting the inauguration of the new Parliament building by showing pictures and videos of Modi’s popularity on foreign soil. Meanwhile, lawyer CR Joy Sukin had approached the Supreme Court seeking the president’s intervention. However, the apex court did not entertain his plea. Despite all this, Modi’s mask has been exposed in the last nine years,” the Congress said at a press conference.On May 26, 2014, Modi became the prime minister of the country for the first time. He was sworn in for a second term on May 30, 2019. In the last nine years, the opposition has asked fewer questions. But till date, the PMO has not responded in Parliament. Modi himself has remained “silent”. He hasn’t held a press conference for nine minutes in nine years. Opposition leaders like Congress spokesperson Jairam Ramesh, Pawan Khera, TMC’s Derek O’Brien and Sukhendu Sekhar Roy lashed out at Modi.The Congress will hold special press conferences at 35 locations across the country today and tomorrow. “There is a government of destructive policies and false promises. Just the big bullies, the octagonals at work. Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said, “The rate at which the price of goods has increased in the last nine years is a source of frustration for the common man. Demonetisation is the biggest corruption of this government. ’