The President should inaugurate the new parliament building! Case filed in Supreme Court

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:President Draupadi Murmu should inaugurate the new Parliament building and not Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A public interest litigation (PIL) has now been filed in the Supreme Court in this regard. A lawyer, Jaya Sukin, has filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in the apex court, claiming that the Lok Sabha Secretariat had broken the law by inviting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate the new Parliament building.The lawyer claimed that Article 79 of the Indian Constitution clearly states that parliament is made up of the President, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. Since the President is at the top of parliament, the new building should be inaugurated by him. In this case, the Lok Sabha Secretariat did not invite the inauguration of the new Parliament building. Which is against the Constitution. The petitioner has demanded that the apex court immediately direct the President to inaugurate the new Parliament building instead of Modi.The new parliament building will be inaugurated on Sunday, May 28. The Centre had earlier said that the prime minister would inaugurate the historic building. But former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday demanded that the President, not the Prime Minister, is entitled to inaugurate the new Parliament building according to his rank. Since then, various opposition parties, including the Trinamool Congress and the Left, have spoken in the same tone.TDP, BJD and Akali Dal have already said that they will be present at the inauguration of the Parliament Building. In all, 15 teams will participate in the event. Amid the tussle, the case went to the supreme court.