Documents of Bihar Government burnt at Bhangar-nothing related to West Bengal’s recruitment scam

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata: The documents that were burning for three days in the Andulgodi area of Bhangar are from the Bihar government. That’s what the source claims.Officials of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) reached the spot-on Tuesday morning to recover documents from the burnt paper in Andulgodi area. The issue triggered a political debate. At first, some residents of the area began to say that those documents were related to West Bengal’s teacher’s appointment scam. However, it was later revealed that no documents related to the recruitment scam were being burnt. The CBI has found evidence that some audit documents of the Bihar government were being burnt.This is being verified by CBI sleuths. Questions have been raised as to who was collecting these sacked documents and burning them together, or why they were being burnt in the Charnagari area of Bhangar. The CBI is trying to ascertain the facts. Investigators recovered several documents that were half-burnt in the fire and took them to the CBI office. At around 11 am on Tuesday, CBI officials suddenly arrived with central forces in a few vehicles in Andulgodi area adjacent to the walls of BantalaCharmnagari in Bhangar.They went to a large field surrounded by walls in the middle of an empty field in the area. A few sacks of paper were set on fire. It is alleged that the documents collected were on fire since early morning. After examining most of the documents recovered, CBI officials found that they were all audit documents of the Agriculture and Fisheries Department of the Bihar government.They are 20 to 25 years old. It was also said to have some documents related to mining in Bihar. An investigation has been launched into how the documents came to the state from Bihar and who was burning them. The officers stayed on the land for about three hours. Apart from checking the documents, two TMC leaders of the area, Gautam Mondal and Rakesh Roy Chowdhury, were called. It is alleged that TMC leader Gautam Mondal, who is close to MLA Shawkat Molla, bought the land from the residents of the area for a small amount. He then sold the land to Rajesh Singh, a resident of Bihar.Rajesh again sold the land to a man named Captain Tiwari. While Gautam could not be reached, investigators called the area’s deputy chief Rakesh Roychowdhury. Rakesh reached the spot and spoke to the officers for a long time.Later, responding to reporters’ questions, Rakesh said, “I cooperated by answering whatever they asked me. If I have anything to do with burning the paper, I’ll get my head around whatever punishment is. The place where documents are allegedly being burnt falls under the Canning East assembly segment. A few days ago, the CBI summoned Canning East MLA Shaukat Molla to nizam palace for investigation.Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officials had even appeared at the residence of Shahjahan Molla, a close aide of Shaukat. “They know what the CBI came to investigate. I don’t know what documents were there or who was burning them. If anyone in the party is involved, I will ask him to hang himself. ’’