Pegasus was not used during TDP’s reign

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

It is true that no one’s phone was tapped

The legislative committee report says the same 

The report was released only after a fight

Theft is happening in this government

TDP MLA Payyavula Keshav Dhwajam 


Today, Amaravati: Telugu Desam MLA, Prajapaddula Committee Chairman Payyavula Keshav said that their statement that Pegasus was not used and phones were not tapped when TDP was in power is true, and the interim report given by the legislative committee constituted by the government shows that fact. He made it clear that ‘the committee has not said a single word in its report that there is any evidence that the Chandrababu government used Pegasus’. It is stated that they disclosed the report only when they quarreled. He flagged that the actual theft of information is happening in the state.. The government is saying that Aadhaar cards should not be collected by volunteers and linked to TDP voters’ cards. ‘Tell me where did you get all the information about which house got what benefits when you went to Gadapa Gadapa.

If the government has guts and courage, it should give the information related to the last three years of TDP rule to the committee appointed by the Supreme Court on Pegasus and ask for an inquiry.” He spoke to reporters outside the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday.. ‘Vaikapa leaders spread false propaganda that they tapped cellphones and used Pegasus when TDP was in power. They created panic that the government has listened to everyone’s phones.. Is there a Pegasus? TDP is not a member of the legislative committee headed by MLA Bhumana Karunakar Reddy to investigate whether data theft has taken place. There has never been such a committee in history. The ruling party has formed a committee with its own members. ‘Usually copies are printed and served at the time of tabling of reports in the Legislature. Regarding the interim report given by the committee, two copies are kept with the secretary.

What is not in the report.. in Bhumana’s words..

In the interim report given by the Legislative Committee on Tuesday, Keshav Eddewa said that not even an ant or a mosquito could be caught by digging the hill. Bhumana Karunakar Reddy spoke contrary to the report submitted to the House. The pressure to say something that is not there is evident in his words. Using his knowledge of language, he tried to raise suspicion that Tedepa had done something. Basically, their committee has come to a conclusion,’ he criticized. The report states that a large amount of information has gone to external servers through 18 servers from the data centers. In the House, TDP took this and tried to remove 30 lakh votes. Does Bhumana think that the Election Commission will delete the votes if TDEPA says so?’ He asked.

Information for unknown servers

The report given by the committee contains details in two pages only. All the rest are call logs, there is information about where the mail went from,’ explained Keshav. It is explained in the report that sensitive information from the state’s data centers has gone to unknown external servers. If Google is asked where the information has gone, it has told the government that it cannot find out. Google has informed that they have not registered their transactions and have not assigned them to any user. This government does not even have the courage to say what is sensitive information,’ he said.